Everything You Want To Know About Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy For Anxiety…

Stress and Anxiety have been on the rise in the United States for many years now. Because of this, more and more people are seeking out help beyond talk therapy and medications. Increasingly, people are reaching out to their local hypnotist for help because fact is, hypnosis is an incredibly effective method for relieving stress and anxiety.

And there’s no shortage of scientific studies backing up the effectiveness of hypnosis for anxiety. As a matter of fact, at the time of me writing this article, there are over 18,300 Google Scholar links to scientific journal articles on the topic of hypnosis for anxiety relief. Not to mention many thousands more articles on the effectiveness of hypnosis for countless other challenges we face in life such as chronic pain, insomnia, fears, phobias, unhealthy habits and behaviors, and really so much more.

The key to finding the best hypnotherapist in Las Vegas to help you relieve your anxiety is to find one that not only does hypnosis ‘to you’ in their office, but one that also understands how the human brain works, and teaches you fast working and highly effective anxiety relief techniques that you can practice on your own.

This is one of the areas that I specialize in here at The Las Vegas Hypnosis Center.

Allow me to help you understand the two most important parts of your brain when it comes to stress and anxiety.

You see, in our brain we have what’s called the Amygdala. There are actually two of them. One on the right and one on the left of your brain, but the one on your left in this case is actually irrelevant because it has to do with positive emotions, so today I’m only going to talk about the one on your right.

The Right Amygdala is the part of our brain in charge of fight, flight, or freeze. It’s the stress response part of our brain, which contributes to anxiety.

Now there’s another part of our brain called the Frontal Cortex. The Frontal Cortex is the part of our brain that allows us to think clearly, logically, and make better decisions. It’s also the part of our brain that allows us to do better on tests.

Why is this important to understand?

It’s important to understand, because when our Amygdala is over-firing, it makes it so that we have trouble thinking clearly, which creates a negative cycle of feeling anxious, and even feeling anxious about feeling anxious!

Hypnotherapy For Anxiety Relief

So what’s the solution to this frustrating cycle?

Simple… Hypnosis!

Yes, the hypnotherapy techniques that I use and teach, help clients slow down their overactive Amygdala and put their mind and body into rest and digest instead of fight or flight.

Hypnosis has actually been used to help people relieve their anxiety for thousands of years, even before the name “hypnosis” existed, and as I mentioned, modern day neuroscience has been proving its effectiveness for multiple decades now.

So if you’d like to learn, and more importantly experience how to relieve your stress and anxiety quickly, then give me call now at 702-626-4901 for your Free Hypnosis Strategy Session. Then we can chat more about how I can help you feel a lot better very soon.

Talk to you soon…

You’re Friendly Neighborhood Hypnotist,

-Kevin Cole
Certified Master Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist