How Does Hypnotherapy & Coaching Work?

If you’ve never experienced a hypnotherapy and or life coaching session with a certified hypnotist, then you’re probably wondering “How Does It Work”?

Well, in order to help you fully understand just what hypnosis and hypnotherapy is – it’s important to dispel a few of the myths about it first.

First off, hypnosis is not sleep.  During your sessions with us, you’ll most likely be awake and alert the entire time.  It is not uncommon for your attention to wander periodically during a session, somewhat like day dreaming.  Occasionally a client will fall asleep during a session, but that’s simply because they’ve had a long day and are here to relax fully.

Second, a hypnotist DOES NOT “control your mind”.  A hypnotist simply cannot make you do something you don’t want to do.  Neither the hypnotherapist, nor the hypnotherapy itself cause you to make any decisions you don’t want to make.

Now, what hypnosis IS, is a powerful tool that can assist you in making changes in your life, strengthening and re-enforcing decisions you’ve  made for yourself and that you want to re-enforce.

When you implement hypnotherapy and life coaching properly for yourself, you can gain significant leverage in your life as you find yourself changing unproductive, or unwanted habits and achieve your goals. Hypnotherapy can even assist you in weight control, quitting smoking, anxiety relief, getting over a breakup, greater sports enhancement, managing stress, and much-much  more.

What Does Hypnosis FEEL Like?

Have you ever tried to get someone’s attention when they were caught up in a really interesting film? Or have you planned on spending just a couple of minutes on Facebook, only to notice that an entire hour has passed?

Well, hypnosis feels very similar to the state of being ‘zoned out’ in front of the TV or Computer- only it’s much- much more productive!

We experience hypnosis on/off all throughout the day quite easily through very natural relaxation and focused attention. When experiencing hypnosis, you are perfectly alert and aware, and if you need to get up for any reason you are completely able – but you are focused intently on what you are doing.

Again, you are always in complete control during hypnotherapy.

The more you allow yourself to relax and focus your attention on the specific suggestions (just like when you are fully engaged in a film and following the storyline), the more receptive you will be to those specific suggestions. Of course, any suggestions that you disagree with and or are against your moral or ethical code would simply be rejected by your subconscious mind.

As with most everything else, the more you practice going into trance, the easier it becomes. With most people, after experiencing hypnosis just a few times, it becomes very easy for them to go into trance whenever they want. Whether it be in our office or in the privacy of their own home.

Of course live & customized sessions with a qualified hypnotherapist and life coach is always best though. It’s just much easier to allow yourself to fully relax when you let a skilled hypnotist that understands your specific desires and needs be your guide for personal change.

Private sessions are completely focused on you and your specific desires and needs. And some of our programs, like smoking cessation for example, include The Strongest Service Guarantee In The Business…

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