Las Vegas Hypnosis Center Guarantee To You For Our Smoking Cessation Program

Las Vegas Hypnosis Center PromiseThe Hands Down, Most Secure Guarantee In the Business

Of course your success with me at the Las Vegas Hypnosis Center depends on a number of variables including, but not limited, to your attitude, motivation, cooperation and the attendance of scheduled sessions.

Despite the fact that human behavior can’t be ethically guaranteed, Las Vegas Hypnosis Center makes the following *Service Guarantee* to you for our services with our Smoking Cessation Program:

At the Las Vegas Hypnosis Center, after payment of program fee in full, there are absolutely no more charges for sessions, no matter how long it takes our clients to reach their goal.

Although most of my clients remain forever smoke free after our first session together, I always do a second session to both reinforce the changes you’ve made, and to help you learn and experience how to feel good, without the need to reach out for anything outside of you.

On very rare occasion, some clients may need another session session, and if they do, that’s perfectly okay. That’s all part of my Service Guarantee.

After the initial hypnotherapy training period for your smoking cessation program is completed, I will provide additional FREE REINFORCEMENT sessions at your request as needed, up to once a month until you are satisfied with their results.

In addition, on the off chance you require extra assistance in between regularly scheduled sessions, simply give me a call and I can often assist you with an over the phone reinforcement, also at no extra charge. Although I can’t promise to take your call right on the spot, I do promise to get back to you as soon as I can.

It’s seldom that a client needs this extra assistance, but I want you to rest assured that you are making the right choice in investing in your health and freedom as a Non Smoking, Clean Air Breather!

Las Vegas Hypnosis Center: Helping you gain better health as a Clean Air Breather is a top priority with us!

**We do offer Service Guarantees on certain other goals, other than our Quit Smoking Program on a case by case basis. If you would like to know if we can offer a service guarantee for your specific goal, just ask.

Kevin Cole, Director
Las Vegas Hypnosis Center

*Important Disclaimer: Please note that we are not medical doctors, psychologists, or psychotherapists. We offer hypnotherapy and hypnosis coaching services complementary to medical and psychotherapy professionals (with a written approval/referral from them), but we do not diagnose, treat, or prescribe for any medical or psychological disorders.