Heal Your Heart with Breakup Hypnotherapy & Coaching…

Are you struggling to move on after a breakup?

Even if you broke up for all the right reasons, the end of a relationship can leave you feeling stuck, angry, or plagued by intrusive thoughts of your ex.

If you’re ready to move on to the life of happiness, love and joy you deserve, I’m inviting you to experience Get Over A Breakup Fast,” a compassionate hypnotherapy coaching program with me, Las Vegas Hypnotherapist, Kevin Cole.

Here’s what one client says about some of our journey together that helped her get her mojo back, fast, with my hypnotherapy coaching:

“It truly wiped away and released the past energies that did not serve me….allowed me to get back to myself, to remember who I was to be and exude that loving presence…a resounding voice of gratitude for Kevin’s work…” — Abby Gooch

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Why Breakup Hypnotherapy Coaching?

Our specialized hypnotherapy coaching sessions are designed to help you feel better fast, and teach you the science-backed behavioral and emotional skills you need to quickly recover from a breakup with grace and resilience

Are you ready to experience the power within you to heal, let go, and embrace a brighter, happier future? Call 702-626-4901 for your your Free, no-obligation consultation and assessment today to discover how quickly you can Get Over a Breakup Fast!

Never worked with a certified professional hypnotherapist? Curious about what to expect? I will answer all your questions during your Free Hypnosis Discovery Session. If you’d like to set an appointment in advance for your Free Get Over A Breakup Discovery Session, then you can either scroll down to the calendar below or click here.

Benefits of Our Sessions:

  • Emotional Resilience: Learn & Experience Fast Working, Scientifically Validated Techniques To Start Feeling Better Fast!
  • Positive Transformation: Experience personal growth and rediscover your inner strength.
  • Clarity and Healing: Find clarity and healing as you release past pain and embrace a new beginning.
  • And Much – Much More!

What You’ll Learn & Experience:

If hypnotherapy coaching with me is right for you, I’ll create sessions custom tailored to your unique needs and situation. Here’s just some of what you may learn:

  • Why your heart literally feels broken—and highly effective tools to soothe yourself – Fast!
  • How to stop intrusive thoughts of your ex within seconds
  • Techniques to help you put emotional distance between you and your ex
  • How to stop being triggered by your ex, or things that remind you of them
  • How to avoid the trap of hooking up with your ex, just because you’re lonely
  • How to deal with an ex who’s still a part of your kids’ lives
  • Tips for removing your ex from your phone and your life
  • How to fall out of love with your ex, and fall in love yourself  (in a healthy, non narcissistic way!)
  • And Much, Much More!

How It Works:

During our confidential and supportive sessions, we use proven hypnotherapy techniques to address the emotional impact of your breakup. You are guided through a process that fosters healing, self-discovery, and empowerment.

Can I Help You Even If You Don’t Live In The Las Vegas Area?

Yes!! In addition to helping people, like you, in person at my Las Vegas Hypnotherapy office, I also help both locals to Las Vegas and people from all around over the world via Live Online Hypnosis sessions as well!

How To Get Started Right Now, Risk Free…

You can either call me direct at 702-626-4901, or schedule a time and day via the calendar below to have a Free Breakup Hypnotherapy Discovery Session to discuss what changes you would like to make in your life, and learn more about my proven, science-backed breakup recovery program.

Kevin travels the world educating himself with experience and filling his tool box with cutting edge technologies all aimed at making a difference in the lives of anyone who has the privilege of being in his presence…”

Joseph McClendon lll
Head Trainer for The Anthony Robbins Companies
Co-author of two best selling books with Tony Robbins