Stop Smoking Now…

In Person or Live Online Hypnotherapy Sessions Now Available!
With the respiratory dangers of the Coronavirus, there has never been a more important time to protect your lungs…and your bank balance.
The average non-smoker saves over $3,500 per year.

Suffering from Anxiety? Trying To Get Over A Breakup? Discover how easy it can be to Learn & Experience Fast Working Anxiety Relief Techniques with Stress-Busting Hypnotherapy. Temporary, Highly Flexible & Affordable 0% interest
payment plans for those in need.

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Bebe Properties
Bebe Properties
I was initially a little skeptical about hypnotherapy in general but thought I would give it a shot to see if Kevin could help me with my issue. Hypnotherapy was really nothing like what I thought it would be, but the results were extraordinary. I would highly recommend anyone to give this a try and see for yourself.
Timothy Johnson
Timothy Johnson
Kevin was able to help my teenage son work through some significant challenges that has returned him to the joyful young man he was before. My son felt very heard and supported by Kevin and the bottom line was there was a significant shift for the better after working with Kevin. Our family really appreciated everything you did with him. Thank you
Hi Kevin, I just wanted to inform you I did exceptionally well on my test. I finally passed. Thank you so much for your helpful hypnotherapy and coaching that you have provided. Thank you! Thank you!
Virginia Mccallister
Virginia Mccallister
My experience with Kevin Cole, CHT have been incredibly helpful, good and successful. Kevin is not only professional but very caring and knowledgeable. I needed a Hypnotist after my wonderful Husband passed away. I started walking in my sleep and biting my nails in my sleep. I was afraid to see a hypnotist but Kevin was truly wonderful, professional and very caring. I have stopped walking in my sleep and biting my nails, although the nails took longer to heal he was very patient and caring. I would recommend him to people that need this service.
brad rosenthal
brad rosenthal
You don't get much better than Kevin Cole. An absolute gentleman who is extremely effective and efficient, he is an absolute professional! Why would anybody go to a therapist when they can go to Kevin Cole and instead of talking about the problem, you will solve the problem. I quit smoking, quit bad relationships,... And it's been over a year. If you are interested in making a change you need to reach out to Kevin Cole he can make sure it happens. Thanks again Kevin you are the man!
Tonya Matthews
Tonya Matthews
I was provided my with a lot of valuable insight and direction. I highly recommend his services. Please do yourself a favor and call today!
This is an excellent service, 5 stars! It's almost like a genie. You ask for the changes you want in your life and they help you to find it within yourself to make it happen! Thank you for your help Kevin, you have a client in me for life.
Megan Hayhurst
Megan Hayhurst
I was a smoker for 29 years. With Kevin's help and guidance, I have now been a non-smoker for over a year. I never thought it could work especially since I have a job as a bartender in a smoking bar. Kevin not only helped me quit after my first visit, but showed me techniques to help me calm my stress while at work and help me sleep. I saved my life and you can too❣️. Thank you for the wonderful work you do Kevin🙏
Ramon Lemus
Ramon Lemus
All right, first let me explain that my session has changed my life in the way that I cannot explain. My experience was so profound that after 6 1/2 years I’m writing this review because I’m becoming the person that I met that day. The person that I met that day was my future self. One of the best experiences I’ve ever had in my life. Something profound happened to me that help me throughout my life today. It was like a seed was planted with and has helped me grow into an attractive man of light. My experience help me see my purpose in life. I had trouble with drinking and I could not stop no matter how hard I tried. After that session, my obsession to drink was expelled, but something even more miraculous happened. I consciously stepped into another dimension that was love, compassion and understanding. That experience has been so close to my heart that it had helped me carry my way through my journey of growth. I suggest to anyone that wants to live to put some willingness into anything that will help you grow. I don’t know if magical is the word for it but the world I was in in that session inspires me today to be that man everyone loves.
Trish Williams
Trish Williams
After years of being a smoker , I am now 1year smoke free ! I didn’t believe it could work !!

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Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking Hypnosis

There’s no need to struggle with patches, pills & gums anymore. If you’re ready to quit smoking with hypnosis, your Las Vegas hypnotherapist, Kevin Cole can help. Sessions available at The Las Vegas Hypnosis Center or Live Online Video.

Lose Weight

Weight loss hypnotherapy

If you are tired of the hassle and burden of being overweight, then we can help. Each weight loss hypnotherapy program is customized specifically to you. Sessions available at The Las Vegas Hypnosis Center or Live Online Video as well. 

Anxiety Relief

Hypnotherapy for stress and anxiety

In these stressful times, when the anxiety keeps building, you need a highly skilled Las Vegas hypnotherapist to teach you how to create balance and joy in your life. Sessions available at The Las Vegas Hypnosis Center or Live Online Video as well. 

Temporary Payment Plan Options Available For Those In Need

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During these very challenging times, I am still helping clients, like you, with my Fast Working & Life Changing Hypnotherapy Programs both In Person At My Office & via Live Face to Face Online Video Sessions that are just as effective as in person sessions, and sometimes even more, because you experience the changes in your own environment.

Please note, I am now seeing clients in person at my office on a case by case basis, so long as you do not consider yourself to be a “high risk” individual. If you have COPD/Emphysema, Obesity, are elderly or have an immune disorder, I highly recommend we work together via Face to Face Online Video Sessions for your safety and well being. For over 28 years I’ve been helping clients all over the world via Online Video Conferencing, sometimes known as “Skypenosis” or “Zoomnosis” with outstanding results, so helping people dramatically improve their lives via online sessions is nothing new to me.

Although I am still helping clients resolve ALL of the challenges I normally do (see below for a few examples), currently I am mostly helping clients Quit Smoking, Rapidly Relieve Anxiety, Get Over A Breakup, and Experience Greater Happiness In Life, despite current circumstances, because these areas are so incredibly important right now.

I am working with clients, like you, with *0% Interest Payment Plans* for those that require it. Of course most can still afford my normal rates up front, but some simply cannot right now and I refuse to turn anyone away due to financial hardship.

Before we begin our first session, you can either call me direct at 702-626-4901 or book a time and day via the calendar below to have a Free Hypnotherapy Discovery Session to discuss what changes you would like to make in your life, and how I can help.

Mardess Quit Smoking In One Session

Constance Quit Smoking & Saved Her Life!

Ebony Quit Smoking In One Session

Connor Quit Vaping In One Session
With Hypnosis

Abby Got Over Her Breakup Fast With Hypnosis Coaching!

Chris Experienced Rapid Relief
From Years of Chronic Pain

Hypnosis Can Also Help You With…

Chronic Pain Relief (Dr. Approval Required) Erectile Dysfunction – E.D. (Dr. Approval Required) Trichotillomania (Hair Pulling)
Bruxism (Teeth Grinding) Resolving Fears & Phobias Relieve PTSD (Dr. Approval  Required)
Stop Biting Your Nails Transforming  Depression Into Happiness Relapse Prevention
Sports Enhancement Overcome Sugar Cravings Quit Chewing Tobacco
Grief Resolution Get Over A Breakup Resolve Sleep Issues Including Insomnia
Improve Confidence Pre & Post Surgery Fears Public Speaking
Relieve Symptoms of Autoimmune Disorders Increase Motivation And Much More…
Las Vegas Hypnotherapist
Online Hypnosis Sessions

For your convenience, you can experience fast working and life changing hypnotherapy at the Las Vegas Hypnosis Center office, or if you prefer, live from the privacy and comfort of your own home via Zoom Secure Online Video Conferencing. Both options work just as great!

Hi Friend,

My name is Kevin Cole, Las Vegas Hypnotherapist, High Performance Life Coach, and the founder of The Las Vegas Hypnosis Center.

Despite my youthful appearance, I was born in 1974 (which means I’m over 49  years old at the time of writing this), and since 1996 I’ve been involved with hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), and many other fast working and extremely effective methodologies for helping people overcome their challenges, and experience great joy and passion for life. In addition to holding dozens of certifications from a great variety of trainings, I also teach classes on Hypnotherapy, NLP and Life Coaching as well.

Hypnotherapy Is Not Psychotherapy…

Although Hypnotherapy obviously has the word “therapy” built in, it is NOT psychotherapy. That said, psychotherapy absolutely has it’s place for those that are seeking a diagnosis of some kind and possibly medication, but because I am neither a psychotherapist, nor a doctor of any kind, my approach is completely different. I’m not going to have you just sit on a couch and talk about your past, I’m not not going to diagnose you with anything, and I’m not going to prescribe you any kind of medication. Again, all of that has its place, and if you feel a need for any of that, let me know and I will happily refer you to one of my psychotherapist friends and colleagues. They are excellent at what they do.

What Kind of Hypnotherapy Do I Do?

What I AM going to do, is help you gain clarity on what you want in life, what’s currently stopping you, and together, with the power of hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, and other scientifically validated modalities, we are going to help you experience profound changes in your life- Fast!

So whether you’re looking to finally be done with smoking, are tired of hearing from doctors that “there’s nothing else we can do for your chronic pain”, whether you’d like to finally be free from a specific phobia, or maybe you have a more serious challenge to resolve in your life, it would be my pleasure to have you take advantage of a Free Hypnosis Strategy Session with me via phone. You can simply call my office at 702-626-4901.

Also, recognize that although I help people overcome great challenges in life, I also help you take your personal and professional life to greater and greater levels as well. So even if you’re not dealing with any specific “issues” right now, and are looking for High Performance Life Coaching & Hypnotherapy, I can absolutely help. Again, give me a call for a Free Hypnosis Strategy Session at 702-626-4901.